Mining Services

Linkfields Innovations also focused in South Africa on mining sectors to provide Mining employees ( Project Engineers, Professional Mining engineers, Mining cost analysts, Mining Administrators, Shift In-charges, foremens, Operators and Labors etc…) and Mining equipment’s (Excavators, Dozer, Grader, Frontend Loaders, Trucks, Screen and Crusher, Dumpers etc… ) and safety equipments (PPE).

Linkfields Innovations, Products Offerings:
  • Skilled mining resources
  • Mining equipments
  • Mining Safety equipments (PPE)
  • General equipments and products
  • Design Consulting
  • Research and Development
  • Planning and Execution
  • Establishing dedicated mining consultants and letting our clients focus on their core business
  • Safety and Heath Environment administration with the skilled dedicated team to focus in decreasing accidents and risks.
  • Focus on strategic priorities such as next generation of mining products.
  • Reduced product development costs and gain a winning edge against competition
  • Faster time-to-market